Thursday, June 5, 2014

me too

"Who walks the stairs without a care
It shoots so high in the sky.
Bounce up and down
just like a clown
Everyone knows its Slinky.
The best present yet
to give or get
The kids will all want to try.
The hit of the day
when you're ready to play
Everyone knows it’s Slinky.
It’s Slinky, It’s Slinky
for fun,
the best of the toys.
It’s Slinky, It’s Slinky
the favorite of girls and boys."

Just so you know, I can still sing that jingle.
I got my slinky when I was in grade three in 1964 or 65 and it still walks the stairs without a care.
So do I, thank goodness.
It can still bounce up and down just like a clown.
Me too.
And I'm ready to play.....


Cathy said...

You got me curious, so I looked it up--Slinky was invented in the early 1940's! It was very popular in the 50's when I was in elementary school.....and still was when my kids were. I suspect you can still buy a new one. I never memorized the song, though. You must have loved to sing when you were little. Do you still find yourself singing about the house?

Glenda said...

You've made me laugh. thank you. Yes, i do love to sing around the house, and in the yard and in the car....but never the slinky commercial. I'm not sure why I remember it but it does have a catchy tune.

kristieinbc said...

Oh no! Now I'm going to have that ditty going through my head all day. :-)

Glenda said...

Sorry about that! Try humming Oh Canada all the way through. That's supposed to help.