Wednesday, June 18, 2014

christmas jigsaw

As I am typing this, somewhere, someone is hunkered over their sewing machine, stitching like mad.
Later tonight, they will post a picture of a finished quilt on their blog, and tomorrow, there it will be for all to see.
And then, like lights going on in a town at dusk, here and there, people like you and me will be seized with a burning desire to make one too.
Inspiration is a heady thing.
Last week, ohfransson posted a picture of a little quilt she called Skeleton Key. 
I gasped.
I rushed to my stash and plucked out a charm pack. 
Skeleton Key was made using 30 five inch blocks, all wonderfully solid and fabulously colored. The result is a striking tessellation; a very modern quilt. 
I used 25 five inch blocks in very muted, somber shades of green and brown and cranberry. I decided to line up the seams rather than offset them as they are in Skeleton Key because they made me happier that way. It really is true that a quilt will help you if you let it. 
I was astonished when the quilt top was finished because I realized I had made a Christmas quilt. What? In June? Well, why not, we're half way there.
I decided to name my quilt Christmas Jigsaw in honor of the many jigsaw puzzles that have entertained us during the Christmas season.
I took my celebratory picture outside against a backdrop fresh and green. 
Ta Da. I mean, Fa La La La La


Cathy said...

That is a very appropriate name for your quilt.....and you told how it came to be quite cleverly!

Glenda said...

thanks, I have some thick and lovely Christmas flannel for the backing. Not sure how to quilt it yet.