Thursday, June 5, 2014

bits and pieces

The size of a quilt has no bearing on the size of your joy upon completion. Maybe on the size of your relief, or even on the size of your pride, but not the joy.
This little quiltlet will sit atop a table or be pressed into service as a doll blanket.(my granddaughter has already asked)
It was made with the left over bits and pieces of a much larger project. I will show you that one soon. That quilt will give you such a jolt, seeing the colors elbow to elbow that you may have to go and lie down for a while and contemplate something quieter, like fireworks.
This little quilt is made entirely of half square triangles which are strangely addictive to work with. They are sort of like a cross between a jigsaw and a sudoku puzzle. Very satisfying.
I decided this would be the perfect project to practice free motion quilting on. A nice bite size piece that I could quilt within an inch of its life.
I chose to heed two bits of advice- practice on something that matters and if you can't see it, why do it.
With that in mind, I chose yellow thread and set to work.

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Cathy said...

I have never seen free motion quilting before. It looks pretty amazing! I've only practiced hand quilting on a small patchwork-looking piece of material (with batting and backing). My stitches were perfect! Until I looked on the other side of the quilt. It is not nearly as easy as it looks.