Tuesday, April 1, 2014

how I saw them

It wasn't a long ferry ride, just across the river but we usually got out of our car anyway. Most people did and we stood in clumps at the rail, gazing upstream, the wind in our ears.
I remember noticing a biker and his companion toward the center of the boat. They hadn't moved towards the railing like everyone else. Clearly, an important conversation was taking place. The woman was doing all the talking. The man didn't seem interested. The woman seemed to be pleading. Her body language took on a desperate air. Time was running out. The man began to put on his helmet.
The ferry docked.
Cars began to exit.
The woman climbed onto the back of the motorbike and they headed up the ramp and away.
A car followed, and another.
We joined the line and my thoughts turned to home.
It was only a few blocks later that I saw them.
The biker had pulled to the side of the road and the woman had dismounted.
She was walking now.
Walking, head up and back straight.
The biker was interested now.
In fact, he was doing all of the talking.
He seemed to be pleading and his body language had taken on a desperate air.
That was how I saw them in my rear view mirror.
And I drove right past my corner.

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