Tuesday, March 11, 2014

not bad

If you enjoy thrift shops like I do, I'm betting that you have a route inside the store; a certain path you travel as you forage. It could be traced on a floor plan, so predictable are your steps.
My last stop is usually the 'seasonal' area. It is Christmas all year long there, and Easter and Valentines Day too for that matter. I have pounced on some amazing vintage finds there.
Yesterday as I wandered past ragged wreaths and ceramic villages, I spotted a small bag of figurines.
I picked it up and squinted.
Why do I leave the house without my reading glasses?
Treasures and junk alike are lumped into bags at thrift stores.
It can be hard to tell what you are really getting.
One bag looked like it held a complete nativity.
I peered and pondered.
It looked old.
I like old.
Then I spotted a second bag.
It bulged with sheep and camels.
And underneath that bag was another filled with angels, and another....
Fifty cents is one of my favourite prices.
And nativities are one of my favourite finds.
I hastened to the till.
In the bright light of the parking lot, I could clearly see that the figurines were made in Italy.
A price sticker remaining inside one of the wisemen showed the pieces came from Woolworths.
Not bad for a person shopping by braille.

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Blue Moth said...

What an amazing find!