Saturday, January 4, 2014

not alone

New Years seemed to slide by this year almost under the radar.
There was no drum roll.
Nor fireworks either.
The old year just seamlessly transitioned into the new.
One moment I had my foot in 2013 and the next I was perched at the brink of 2014.
I usually love beginnings.
There is something so irresistible about a clean slate.
I love the vantage point that this time of year provides too.
There is value in glancing back at lessons learned, and hope and anticipation in gazing ahead.
Somehow though, this past year seemed full of lessons half learned and gazing ahead seemed counter productive.
I think that is one of the lessons I have learned though.
I've learned that life is full of lessons that need to be learned.
I've learned that it is an ongoing, forever sort of process.
And I'm thankful that I am not alone in this, that I am surrounded and upheld and loved by the Shepherd who leads beside still waters and restores my soul.

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