Wednesday, November 13, 2013

just recently

My tiny granddaughter has just turned one. She has just recently gotten teeth and just recently started to walk all alone and just recently started to say surprising things.
Really anything a baby says is surprising.
They are so little and
But, babies know things.
It is just that they are not fluent yet in the local lingo.

My little granddaughter began to fuss as she was placed into her car seat. My daughter asked her what was wrong; just one of those hypothetical questions parents ask babies and she said, “I’m sad.”
My daughter was shocked. She could hardly believe that she had heard right. How could a baby say ‘I’m sad.’
“You’re sad?” my daughter dazedly asked. The baby nodded and made her ‘sad face,’ wrinkling up her eyes, pouting and adding a little fake cry sound just in case her mother wasn't fluent enough to understand.
Babies are patient with us that way.

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