Sunday, November 17, 2013

default setting

I have a default setting. If I am not vigilant, my heart slips easily into an old worn groove, and old worn grooves can be a lot like a rut.
I find I default to, it should or it will; to expectations.
Having expectations is dangerous. It sets you up, even tricks you.
I find that if I sail out to meet life with an open heart, unencumbered, I am happier. In fact, I am very often surprised and pleased. Anything at all becomes a lovely bonus; an unexpected blessing.
When I have expectations though, I am likely to be disappointed and even hurt. Anything at all can become a missed target; a falling short.
I suppose the reason is clear.
Yep, it's me.

It is not others who are letting me down.
It isn't the circumstances that surround me.
It's myself and self doesn't make a very satisfying focal point.

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