Wednesday, October 9, 2013

quilt tattoo

I added a snake to my quilt back, sort of like a quilt tattoo.
  • I drew a snake on a large piece of paper.
  • I used this as my pattern/template.
  • I placed a piece of interfacing onto my fabric and cut out my snake through both layers at once adding a quarter inch seam.
  • Next I stitched around the entire snake.
  • Then I snipped an opening in the interfacing and turned the snake right side out.
Until that moment, I had just been making an applique shape, a mere applique shape.

 When I began to turn my snake right side out though, it looked pretty snake-ish.
 It reminded me of a real snake skin that I unfortunately discovered on one of my woodland rambles once.
 Finding a snake skin is almost as bad as finding a snake.

 I pinned my snake down and threaded a needle.
 There it was, slithering along at the edge of my quilt back.
 What an unexpected jolt of color on the large, black back.

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