Tuesday, October 29, 2013

low and slow

If this canoe was an elevator, I would have peered into its crowded corners and waved it on without me.
Four adults and five children are riding low and slow.
My grandmother is settled in the bow with her five little chicks under her wing.
Two visiting adults have taken a leap of faith.
The body language of the woman speaks of serene trust but the man is hunched down, his eyes fixed on the distant shore. His eyes may even be locked on the distant shore.
My grandfather is seated as far to the stern as you can get and still be in a boat. He is expertly and confidently propelling the entire party.
I wonder if they were thinking about the fun ahead, about conversation and campfires, picnics and play.
About the dome of sky and lush green hills
....... about the return trip.

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