Tuesday, October 22, 2013

instructed kindly

We were playing follow the leader.
It's harder than it sounds.
We ran into trouble and ended up in the principals office.
It all happened so fast.
My grandson was the principal.
He took his seat across the table from us; my granddaughter, her doll and I.
His gaze was firm but friendly.
Turning towards me he began.
"You need to not worry so much," he instructed kindly, seizing upon a kernel of truth.
"Because you are very old," he added gently, "and children are," he paused, considering his words carefully, "playing differently now than when you were young."
I humbly agreed and resolved to make a change. I found myself meaning it.
He then turned to my granddaughter.
"And you need to try not to get worked up."
Of course this served to begin to get her worked up but I hastily added, "He is helping us to be happy." That's what principals do. They give advice to help.
My granddaughter pondered this while the principal went on with his final encouragement for the doll.
There is something about counsel, thoughtfully and kindly dispensed.
It has a way of sticking with you.

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