Monday, October 28, 2013

continuing conversation

"Oh oh," my baby granddaughter says, her voiced edged with drama. We are walking. She is clutching my finger with one hand and a doll with her other. The doll has dropped and she stoops to pick it up.
The walking continues.
We go where she directs.
We turn when she wills.
Babies have their own ideas.
They know things.
They remember things.
I read somewhere that most communication is non-verbal, only a small percent the words we choose. The rest is tone of voice and body language.
Perhaps this is why babies can communicate so well. They often get the tone of voice down pat before they have the words. We recognize the cadence and inflection to mean 'all done' or 'night night,' even before the words can be spoken clearly.
Communication is part of our humanity. We touch, we reach out.
It can be sacred ground.
My daughter carried her baby as we walked along the rocky beach.
Their conversation lasted the entire way and I could tell they still had plenty more to talk about.
Love is a continuing conversation.

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