Sunday, September 15, 2013

thinking big

Some people are organized. Their cupboards and closets are an outward reflection of their inner quietude.
I am not one of those happy people.
I did rearrange my pantry this year though, and I must admit that I feel positively virtuous. It's so easy to find things now too. No more searching amidst the canned tuna for a jar of marmalade. No more stale crackers languishing behind the linguine. It has added such a shot of joy to my daily toil that it makes me want more.
More order.
To transform my pantry I used a very simple principle. Put like with like. It seems so logical but had completely eluded me.
There is a variation of 'put like with like' and that is 'put it all together in one place.' That change has made Tax Time terror a thing of the past and wasn't hard to do at all.
One drawer.
I whip it open and drop in the goods.
Then at Tax Time I just divide and conquer.
It's a small, faltering step, but change is good.
I'm thinking big but starting small.

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