Wednesday, September 4, 2013

outing adventure

Families have been going on outings since the earth was new. This is the Nelson family captured right in the midst of an outing adventure.
My mother is the girl on the left. She is looking muddy but happy. On the far right is her sister, closest in age. She is even muddier. Mud is a badge of honor. It is proof positive that you have had an outing adventure.
The little girl in the middle.....oh adorable my aunt looks in her layered garb and thickly bobbed hair. I note that she is clean poor dear.
And the boys! The toddler looks so European in his short pants and cap and the baby is as bright as a bluejay.
Grandma looks happy and relaxed and Grandpa dear.....I find my eyes going to his face.
He had a presence.
I wish I could remember him better.
I really only have one clear memory of him but I know him none the less.
And to know him is to love him.

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