Tuesday, September 3, 2013

if sherlock holmes

If Sherlock Holmes held this photo in his hand he would surely draw the following conclusions about the three children, based on the body language of the three cats in their laps.
The girl, my Aunt Dorothy, is smiling serenely at the camera. So relaxed is her posture, so gentle her hold, that it has transferred to the cat who is blissfully slumbering.
Here is a child, tender and therefore vulnerable.
The middle child is my Uncle Don. The cat has eyes only for him. It is anointing him with kisses feline. Here is a child, destined to be loved by all, animal and person alike.
The third child is my Uncle Ralph.
His cat seems poised to spring, but he is manfully clasping it to his heart. His grin and his grip tell the same story. He is ready for fun. He is ready. Period.

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