Monday, September 30, 2013

decoy cat

I made a door stop many years ago, but it has spent most of its life propped in a window.
I suppose a window sill is just as likely a spot to find a cat as a doorway.

One day a neighbor clutched me by the arm when we met near the mailbox.
Her eyes were wide.
She confided that she'd noticed her cat in our window and was so embarrassed. She couldn't figure out how it had gotten inside our house.
As she stood before our window transfixed, a joyous realization had slowly dawned.
It wasn't her cat after all.
In fact, it wasn't a cat at all.

She was giddy with relief.
I guess it shows that the eye is easily fooled.
It sees what it thinks is there.
It's a principle that duck hunters have used for years, but who ever heard of a decoy cat?

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