Tuesday, September 3, 2013

beginning again

The first morning of the school year.
I have been having mixed feelings about that this year.
It has seemed to be coming too quickly.
It has seemed like it will mean the end of something rather than the beginning, as it should.
My thoughts this morning shaped into prayers just as it began to rain.
Just as children everywhere were hastily wiping away toast crumbs and scurrying for shoes and bags.
Just as mothers were buckling up babies and backing out of driveways in their vans, the clouds burst and rain poured down in a torrent.
It seemed such an appropriate conclusion to the summer break.
When the dust had settled as it always does after the rain, I could clearly see that today is another fine day.
Just like yesterday was.
And just like tomorrow will be.
There is a time for everything.
A time for rain and a time for sun.
A time for ending and a time for beginning again.

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