Monday, August 26, 2013

sensitive viewers

I tend to gaze out my window at times, my thoughts engaged, my eyes unseeing. This dubious duality likely began in elementary school, becoming in time a well honed skill. By high school, I had become such an avid doodling daydreamer, my teachers assumed I was industriously writing notes. Fortunately, my ears seemed capable of working independently and I somehow sailed through with flying colors.
This morning I was jerked back into the moment by a gray squirrel sprinting across the road below my window.
At the same time, from a distant yard a dog exploded, running hard.
I could see the intersecting lines ahead for dog and squirrel.
I thought suddenly of the warning, 'The following scenes may be disturbing. Sensitive viewers are advised....'
Fortunately the squirrel had only been sprinting at three quarter speed. When it heard the scrabble of approaching doom it shot in a single bound to a tree and was up and away.
Its ears worked independently too.

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