Thursday, August 1, 2013

r and r

Our home is built on a small hill, the  perfect vantage point for surveying the realm. This morning I happened by the window at just the right moment to see two families delivering papers at the same time.  We are inundated with papers here and dig our way out from under the local news each week, not to mention the stacks of flyers wedged between the editorial and the classifieds.

Down on the street, a young mother pushed a stroller with one hand and towed a cart of papers behind her with the other. Two spritely little girls took turns dashing up each driveway with a paper. It's all about turns at a certain age. Soon an older child sprinted into view and took the cart handle from her mother. This was obviously an established routine and toast and jam had likely delayed her. They continued down the street, the girls flitting up and down, back and forth.
On cue, a second team appeared; brothers.
The big one towed the papers in a wheeled cart and the younger did the leg work. Seemed like a match made in heaven. They were soon out of sight as well.
It looked like fun, working together like that.
Recreation and responsibility rolled up and delivered at the same time.

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