Thursday, August 15, 2013

best before

Nothing makes time go faster than having leftover tomato sauce in the fridge.
Before you know it you are standing in the kitchen with a cold jar of Newman's Own clutched in your hand, mentally walking backwards through a week of supper menus.
I suppose I could jot the Date Used on the jar with a felt pen or use one of those fancy left over containers that have a Dial the Date top. Probably not. I know myself.
Why don't I turn to the freezer with a glad sigh?
It would seem such an obvious solution.
I think it is because I am sure I will use my leftover sauce any moment now.
That a soon to eat supper depending entirely on tomato sauce is just waiting in the wings.
It seldom seems to work out that way though and underlines a fatal flaw in my thinking that applies to more than tomato sauce.
Time will swirl by.
Out of sight can be out of mind.
Without a plan things don't necessarily happen in a Best Before sort of way.

We are having pasta with tomato sauce for lunch today.

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