Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I had been teaching my little granddaughter the difference between Fir trees and Spruce trees. Lest you think I'm Yogi Bear, I had recently had a similar tutorial from my nature wise husband and was bubbling over with surplice knowledge. I was enjoying the sense of compressed joy that comes from learning something new. Maybe that's why children are so happy.
In the spring, evergreens are covered with new growth. Brown buds give way to tender green needles, as soft as silicone.
"What are those croissants for?" my granddaughter queried.
And then I looked more closely at the tips of the branches we held in our hands.
The brown buds were being pushed off by the growing needles.
They were brown and papery thin with the airy, bubbly surface of good pastry..
They were even curved.
Miniature croissants.

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