Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a bargain at that

Yesterday was Fun Day at my grandson's school. Isn't that an optimistic name for an event involving hundreds of children roiling in disarray amidst drizzle, mist and rain? Teachers are heroes to plan these special treats for the children.
The day marched on past races and tosses, relays and tug of wars, past snacks and drinks and sand pits.
My grandson had placed two loonies in his pocket to spend on candy after lunch.
He had eyed the candy table longingly whenever activities marched his class within gazing distance of it.
At last it was his turn, and he dashed off with the rest of his class.
A few moments later, he appeared, breathless before his mother.
"Can I buy some books with my loonie," he asked.
"Instead of candy?" his mother asked incredulously?
"They are such a bargain," he stated enthusiastically.
A used book table had been set up in the foyer.
One, three, or five books for a dollar.
"I want a book that teaches me something," he said earnestly to the woman behind the table.
He had hoped for a dictionary but settled on learning more about birds, science fair projects, and assorted facts.
He gleefully accepted a Websters Dictionary from my library after school and happily crowed, "Four books for a dollar."
I congratulated my mother on the superiority of her progeny.
Books over candy, and a bargain at that.


Shari Morehouse said...

ok you should send this one to Stewart McLean!!

CitricSugar said...

He'll go far, that one!

colleen said...

I'll have you know mom, that he's slept with that dictionary every night since! funny boy.