Monday, May 13, 2013

thank goodness

Soccer games roll on in spite of rain and so we huddled at the edge of the field, umbrella in hand.
The rain was eventually blown away.
And so was my little granddaughter.
She had asked if she could hold the umbrella.
"Such a fine, strong umbrella should stand up to a four year old," I thought.
But could the four year old stand up to the umbrella?
The wind was huffing and puffing.
Suddenly a gust lifted the little girl off of her feet, just like a miniature Mary Poppins.
In a perfect arch, she sailed up and away.
And then down of course.
The umbrella landed point first and my granddaughter tumbled in a somersault into the open shute.
She has big eyes, but they were even bigger than usual.
"Were you shocked," I asked the little girl? What a question. It made me think of the lame questions reporters ask victims of shocking experiences.
 P.S. There was a rib damaged but it only belonged to the umbrella thank goodness.

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