Thursday, May 30, 2013

help with perspective

Upon the death of her mother, my friend sorted and dispersed all of those things that fill up the corners of our lives. She passed to me a small box of fabric bits and pieces. There is a comfort in knowing the things deemed important by those we love, will in turned be used and enjoyed and she knew I loved to sew. In the box were two embroidered remnants. Two little girls in faded dresses outlined in black blanket stitching. I knew as soon as I saw them that they would go back to my friend.
I decided to make a small wall quilt or doll quilt and after pressing and squaring up the block, I bordered it generously with black fabric. My first thought, had been to add a narrow black border and a wide off white border with silhouettes of children and animals marching round the center block, but I was afraid the charm of the little girl would be overshadowed.
I also wanted to somehow say something about my friend and so I decided to applique grape vine prunings and grapes around the border. My friend now lives surrounded by vineyards.
I was pretty happy with it at this point, but of course, after stitching everything down, I suddenly realized that wool applique would have been so much better.  I could have echoed the black blanket stitch and lent a rustic air to the quilt at the same time. I would have only needed very simple quilting, perhaps a tendril pattern.
Too bad my vision didn't clear until after I had sandwiched and quilted it within an inch of it's life.
I am feeling a little dejected but in a few days, when I look at it again with new eyes, I will likely have a fresh resolve to finish it. Sometimes a little time and distance help with perspective. 

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