Wednesday, May 15, 2013

even more

Brave little pansies bloom almost year round here on the coast. They are one of the first flowers in the garden centers in spring and one of the last that fall gardeners tenderly tuck in as the clock ticks ever onward.
I must admit, I have a special affection for pansies.
For all pansies.
For those giant velvet faces, eyes sooty black, for the dainty violas and wee little johnny-jump-ups. They stir the earliest of memories for me.
And although at first glance they make me think of my mother, they make me think even more so of my husband. They are one of his very favorite flowers.
Opposites attracting as they do, I joyously embrace our common love of the pansy. How delightfully simpatico of us.
This mini quilt was one of a rash of small quilts made in response to a guild challenge.

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