Monday, April 1, 2013


I'm not sure whether to tell you about the Easter bread or the plate. 
I'll tell you about both.
The plate is an amazing chip carved maple plate that I found at a thrift store for fifty cents. It is as smooth as glass and has ripe wheat heads carved around the edge. It says Bread Plate loud and clear and somehow manages to say Thank You for the Bread too.

The Easter bread upon it is often called Paska and is a part of my husband's heritage and therefore, part of my children's heritage as well. It is strange to think of myself as a guardian of my in-laws traditions. I'm sure that many mother-in-laws have cringed at the thought of their giddy young daughter-in-law stepping to the helm. 
We do it none the less, in our own way, blending both families traditions and somehow finding that the combination is both new and old at the same time; Comfortingly familiar and yet uniquely ours.

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