Tuesday, April 30, 2013

creative mojo

I sometimes get those 'ominous anonymous' emails as a blogger.  I always steel my heart and delete them without opening them. 
Saturday morning, as I was leaning over my husband's shoulder saying, “delete, delete, delete,” in an Off With Their Head kind of voice, we came upon an email with a subject line about an interview and he said, “delete,” for me.  
“Wait, wait," I cried. "What if someone really does want to interview me.”
I couldn't have been more startled to discover that, in fact, someone did. 
I have received an invitation to be interviewed on the air, on the Mark Lipinski show, Creative Mojo. 
Nessa Reifsnyder is the friendly and funny Guest Host while Mr. Lipinskyi is away on medical leave. She saw a quilt I had posted on Quilting Gallery (made using fabric from shirts of my father and father-in-law) and followed the link to my blog. 
She is a memoirist and I have now thought of myself by that same title several times just for practice.
It sounds so good. 
There is a common bond amongst those who live/love to create. We recognize something of our own passion reflected in the work of others.
I will be happily chatting with Nessa on Creative Mojo, tomorrow.

Go to www.toginet.com 
Wednesday, May 1, 3:50-4:13pm EST.( that is 12:50-1:13pm PST)
Pictures and more will be available on Mark Lipinski's blog, Creative Mojo

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Peg said...

Congratulations - will try to have a listen later today!