Tuesday, April 30, 2013

crash course

I've never taken gymnastic lessons but I thought about perfect landings this past weekend.
Crouching on the stair, I had pressed a little piece of wooden trim firmly into place. Then, slowly straightening, I stepped backward into thin air.
That wasn't part of my plan.
I had been working my way down the staircase, glue and trim in hand.
Down a few stairs and then back up one, and then down another.
My internal count was off.
Being absolutely sure of something doesn't necessarily make it so.
I was absolutely sure I was standing on the landing.
It wasn't so.
Gymnasts know that achieving inadequate height while dismounting results in a hard landing.
I had a hard landing.
In that suspended moment in which gravity gained the shocking upper hand, I was not only able to see where I really was,( two stairs up and ready to drop like a rock) but also where I needed to be,(conscious and upright) and was able to perform an amazing feat of gymnastics. Completely untrained too.
Probably a four out of five.
Well, maybe only a two out of five, but I stayed on my feet.
Mind you, the wall held me up after it broke my fall.
Nothing else broke though.
Can I tell you how grateful I am still feeling days later?
Ahhh, the school of life, rife with pop quizzes and crash courses.

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