Tuesday, February 26, 2013

one day

Over lunch today I pondered deconstructing dishes from my childhood by turning them into soup. What would you think of Cabbage Roll Soup?
I would start by sauteing minced onion, bacon and celery together. I'm not sure if I would include ground meat. I would try it first with just bacon.
Then I would strain away the bacon drippings and add a quarter cup of rice and a carton of chicken broth. I would simmer for half an hour or so, then add a can of diced tomatoes. Crushed tomatoes would be fine of course, or even good tomato juice but diced are such a desirable texture.
A handful of cabbage lightly cooked at the end would be the finishing touch.
Lovely Cabbage Roll Soup.
I will try it out one day and report back.

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