Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We had BLTC's for lunch. I didn't have enough B to really do justice to the sandwich so I added some slices of leftover cold C. It worked perfectly.
Aren't abbreviations everywhere?
The pace of communicating seems to have been dialed up a notch. How's that for mixed metaphors.
I once knew a man whose speech was liberally sprinkled with abbreviations. I never had a clue what he was saying. I had to stop him for interpretation so many times that it would have been faster for him climb a hill and send me the message by semaphore.
Still, with texting and tweeting destined to increase and morph at will, abbrev. will continue to proliferate. It really is the development of another language before our eyes.
Thank goodness there will always be interpreters to nudge us along,  to keep us in the know.
Apparently lol is as passe as groovy, eclipsed by icons ever speedier.
Good to know.

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