Monday, January 14, 2013

saying cheese

I am the little girl on the right, clutching her elbow. I'm sure to have been following orders regarding the proper placement of hands in a photo but veered off course a bit. Note how my older sister has grasped the subtlety.
I'm glad to see that my socks match. I recall a nurse on the steps of the outpost hospital in Blue River coaxing my oldest sister and I to stop while she took our picture, and my teenage sister's angst over my socks, one blue and one red.
Those little matching dresses are so much a part of my growing up memories. There was always an element of sameness about them. I probably remember them because I wore all of them twice, first my own little frock and then my sisters as I stretched for the light.
I can very dimly recall this photo being taken. There were visitors off to the right that my older sister was unable to ignore, but I just gripped my elbow and honed in on the camera lens.

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