Friday, January 11, 2013

heading off beyond

Grandma and Grandpa- The Sequel.
Oh this photo, this photo!!
I wanted to crop it, to bring them closer to you, but I just couldn't leave a single bit out. There are so many clues, so many  stories.
The photo is taken on the prairies where they lived and went to college.
See how flat it is and the farm buildings in the distance.
After their marriage they moved to the mountains of B.C.
It is winter, perhaps the winter they married.
They are dressed very festively and it could even be their wedding day.
Her hat and coat scream the 1920's.
My grandmother always looks so independent in photos and this is no different.
Grandpa is leaning slightly towards her. Body language never lies.
I am noticing the distinctive way grandma had of placing her feet. A bit Mary Poppins I think. Nothing giddy and foolish about her, sensible right down to her toes.
My favorite thing of all about this photo, is the road heading off beyond them.
And they are standing right at its very beginning.

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