Tuesday, January 8, 2013

earning a star

I broke a tooth flossing.
Now how does that saying go about an old horse and its teeth?
Never mind. My dentist kindly assured me that it had absolutely nothing to do with my age although he did have to back pedal abit when he started in about old fillings.
As I sat limply in the chair listening to the drill and concentrating on breathing around mouth guards, I reminded myself of the joy of rewards. I have a hard and fast rule that a visit to the dentist is worthy of a reward for being a brave girl. My mother may have started this when I was six or seven but it seems a tradition worth maintaining don't you think?
It wasn't long at all until I staggered from the dentist chair and steered my car to the nearest thrift shop. A brief wander and my spirits rebounded wonderfully.
There is always the thrill of the hunt at a thrift store, the possibility of uncovering a treasure and sure enough, a chip carved ornament was there like a gift amongst the clutter.
A little reward, like earning a star.

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