Wednesday, January 23, 2013


My older sisters are nestled in the grass; little fledglings. My oldest sister's hair is as straight as straw and about the same color. The other has gentle waves richly brown. Both are clad in homegrown beauty; a pin tucked, buttoned dress and sturdy overalls covered by a bulky hand knit.
I'm surprised that the second born is sporting bangs. We others all had the same swept and clipped to the side style.
I'm glad a doll made it into the photo. Do you think it was a 'he'? I wonder what his name was. I wonder too whose fingers fashioned him; my grandmother or my mother and if he had a wardrobe.
The light in this picture is so perfect. It would make a wonderful watercolor painting.
Two little girls as sweet as a summer morning.
Homegrown beauty.

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