Thursday, January 31, 2013


I first introduced this quilt back in 2010. It was just a twinkle in my eye then. Well, maybe not even a twinkle. Maybe more of a glint of fear.  I had no idea how I would quilt it and so it languished in a box in the cupboard. I don't mean that I had no idea what design to quilt. I mean I had no idea HOW to quilt it. Hand quilting was out. As well, my machine predates the walking foot so straight lines marching to and fro seemed unlikely. Free motion quilting was just beginning to be detected on my radar though, and as I began to see the light,  I started to work my way down, down, like an archaeologist, down to projects begun in 2010. 
At last, this month, I unearthed number five and shook it out, unfurling it to the light of day. I discovered that it didn't really lay as smoothly as it should even after wielding the iron with some authority. I also had some misgivings about my sandwiching and basting as the project got underway. 
I refused to allow these details to stand in the way of progress. 
It quilted up lickety split and as flat as a pancake.
I still feel a bit giddy with relief.

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