Wednesday, January 16, 2013

cracked up to be

The last few days before Christmas found me feeling restless and at loose ends. I had been especially busy mid-month and now found that without projects to focus on, I was entirely unfocused. I realized then, that I am happiest when I have 'things' to do, that when my hands are busy, my mind is somehow free. Very strange.
I came up with some last minute sewing projects and my free moments were instantly spoken for.  I felt useful and happy as I sewed and snipped and pressed.
Just before Christmas, I fell under the spell of this years flu/cold. Turning to my sewing machine for comfort, I began to sew a little pair of slippers but my sewing machine seemed suddenly out of sorts. It ground its gears and clanked to an ominous stop.
I was immediately stricken with angst.
I was sorry that I hadn't been faithful in having my machine serviced. My dear old friend. Thirty-five years is a long time to love something.
What if it couldn't be repaired..
I was sorry that I couldn't sew now.
Sorry the holidays would mean a longer wait for the repairman.
Sorry that I was coming down with the flu.
Sorry for myself too I guess.
I tried to picture life without my Pfaff and succumbed to tears.
What a pitiful state.

The New Year included a trip to the repair shop and a few days waiting for The Call.
It came at last.
Sweet relief.
My Pfaff lives on and so do I thankfully.
Love is not without its hazards and happy endings really are what they're cracked up to be.

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