Thursday, September 6, 2012

blue and pink

We are four sisters.
Separated neatly in the middle by a brother, we were often referred to as the big girls and the little girls.
I'm one of the little girls.
My two oldest sisters were children in the 50's.
Seeing their quilts side by side has given me a retro moment.
My mother often sewed matching dresses for them. Well, almost matching. They may have been the same pattern and fabric, but different colors, sometimes blue and pink.
Illustrations in children's books of the 50's often included these two colors as well. If I squint, I can still see two gray kittens with large bows, one pink and the other blue on the left hand side of a page.
It seems especially appropriate that the big girls will now have almost matching quilts, and in blue and pink too!

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