Saturday, September 1, 2012

bad hair day

I'm not having a good hair day.
Bad hair days so often are outward reflections of inner disquietude. Have you ever noticed that?
There are those days when you smile contentedly and even coyly at your 'good hair day' self.
You are usually on top of your game on those days.
You have a grasp of the big picture. 
You have a grip.
And then of course, to even things out, you have bad hair days.
Days when you doubt your contribution to life as you know it.
Days when the big picture is rather blurry.
Days when you don't have a grip.
I decided to take matters into my own hands.
Always change a losing game they say.
And so, I brandished the scissors and comb and the world has tilted on its axis.
I am no longer having a bad hair day.
I am having a geeky hair day and that is actually an improvement.
A good hair day may be just a shampoo away.
Ever the optimist.
Geeky, but optimistic.

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