Saturday, August 18, 2012

leaf by leaf

Plants with shallow roots, seedlings and yearlings alike, suffer in the heat if they are not kept well watered; High maintenance additions to the garden.
Sometimes I am neglectfully busy and forgetful and don't hear my plants until they cough weakly.
Sometimes the poor plant has keeled over, completely overcome by wilt before I notice and come to my senses.
It has always amazed me though, how quickly they recover when a chilling rush of cool water is inhaled by the parched ground.
This past week has been sweltering, scorching, smoldering, simmering hot.
I am wary of the heat.
I prefer it in small doses.
It can be too much of a good thing.
The heat seemed to build as the week progressed
I felt the warning signs.
Droop and wilt.
Today has been such a reprieve and I can feel myself recovering leaf by leaf.

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