Tuesday, June 12, 2012

what's in a name

This is my great grandpa.
I never met him.
My father never met him either.
His own son didn't see too much of him either as immigration put an ocean between them.
Great grandpa was a Scotsman and never came to Canada.
My grandpa must not have kept close contact with his father because great grandpa was unaware that his only son had married and had two sons of his own.
Those were different times.
Communication was not as simple as it is today.
My father remembers being old enough to write him, and write he did.
Back came a response.
It seemed my father's name, Ernest, was too British to suit his grandpa.
I'm sure the letter contained other thoughts but it is that disapproval that my Dad recalled; That extreme loyalty to all things Scottish.
Too bad great grandpa didn't meet my Dad.....they looked so much alike.
What's in a name?!

Doesn't my great grandpa kind of remind you of Santa Clause?

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