Monday, June 4, 2012

sign on the lawn

"What is this?" I exclaimed to my mother. "Grand Central Station?"
Robins have been building a nest, deep in an evergreen swaying over our deck.
A nice secluded, quiet, private spot it must have seemed to them, hidden away amongst the thick green needles.
Today I noticed a ladder against the base of the tree and heading up into its arms.
Our neighbour has decided that this will be the year to prune and trim, something not done in the past eight years.
A large gray squirrel is dashing along the outstretched limbs.
And then........ a flash of color over the deck rail.
A Steller Jay and Robin swoop out of nowhere at each other. They veer apart, talons clenched.
Privacy is worth protecting.
I think of the real estate slogan, "location, location, location."
I hope the increase in traffic doesn't put a sign on the front lawn.

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