Saturday, June 9, 2012

even longer

A huge heron rose out of the rushes at the lake's edge. Our eyes followed it appreciatively until it lit atop a twisted dry snag.
Seeing a heron in flight always reminds me of our long ago neighbor.
He told us that he had headed out for an evening bike ride. As he sailed along the deserted stretch of country road, a great blue heron suddenly rose to his left.
He was transfixed.
It seemed to be banking directly towards him like some giant pterodactyl.
Our neighbor lost his nerve, and his rhythm and his balance. (and his tough guy persona)
The road rose up to meet him and he skidded and bounced, evenly distributing bruises and scrapes that lasted for days.
The sheer size, the wing span;  they made an impression that lasted even longer.

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