Wednesday, June 6, 2012

dogs can't ask

My hand was pushing open the car door when I glanced in the rear view mirror and noticed a big golden dog.
It seemed to have appeared out of no where.
Had he arrived with the woman making her way to the library entrance, her arms weighted down with books?
No, and she was forced to walk around him as he circled her moving feet.
Into the library went the woman.
Did she invite him in?
No, but he followed her anyway.
Was he welcomed?
No, he was soon standing wagging his tail on the sidewalk.
He continued to warmly greet each new visitor to the library.
A van pulled up and a woman got out and opened the back doors.
The dog rushed over.
"Oh good," I thought. The owner is here at last.
The dog leapt into the back of the van and sat regally next to a kennel holding a wildly barking dog.
Was it the owner?
No, and the woman could not persuade the dog to get back out.
Her own dog's barking began to take on a hysterical note.
I'm not sure how the story ended.
The woman had opened the side door of her van as well and was trying to coax the dog out one end or the other as I pulled away.
That dog wanted to go somewhere.
I hope he figured out how to get there because dogs can't ask directions.

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