Thursday, March 15, 2012

power of the primrose

I used to rush to buy primroses in the spring when they first appeared in the stores. Their vibrant petals wooed my color starved self after the gray weeks of winter. This rash behaviour seemed always to be followed by several weeks of wretched weather; winter with a mood swing. I finally put two and two together and began to eye the early primroses sceptically. They were a plot, a trick.
Years have passed with my resolve firmly in place.
Step away from the primroses!
This year, as March began, I weakened and brought home a small planter bursting with spring color, a burnt orange primrose front and center.
We have had hail and thunder, swirling flakes of snow falling from blue skies, howling winds and rain falling in sheets.
Such is the power of the primrose.

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