Sunday, March 18, 2012

lumpy rain

Lumpy rain is falling.
I hope you know what I mean by that.
Rain is usually a liquid, but sometimes it is almost snow.
We should have a word for that.
There is a myth that the Inuit have a hundred words for snow and it seems that here on the coast, we should have at least half as many for rain.
There is drizzle and drip and mist and spit.
Downpours, torrents, and rain falling in sheets.
Showers and sprinkles and streams.
Cloudbursts or drenchers and even monsoons.
But what about today?
Winter owns snow, as Spring does rain.
It is in this no mans land of seasons, this month of March that the two collide.
And the rain continues to lump down.

1 comment:

Sandpiper said...

We call it 'slushing'!