Wednesday, March 7, 2012

free willy

I remember when I was so short that I couldn't reach the light switch in the bathroom.
Undaunted, and in an amazing feat of eye and hand coordination, not to mention independent thinking, I would nudge the switch upwards with the broom handle.
We had a claw foot tub and I remember standing beside it, staring in wonder at a trout as it swam in an ever dwindling circle, sort of like pacing in a small room.
My brother had rescued a fish.
It had a tongue or lip piercing and lived to tell the tale it seemed.
I'm not sure how he got it home from the lake or who the unlucky fisherman was.
We never ate it for supper so I guess it was eventually deemed fit enough to travel.
To take the plunge.
To take to the lake.
Free Willy.

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Shari Morehouse said...

when you started out I thought this was going to be post about short people! And I was going to tell you that I'm too short to reach filing cabinets at work so someone else has to get files for me!! They think it's funny. I tell them they're making fun of a handicapped person.