Sunday, March 18, 2012

inside jokes

Don't you love inside jokes.
A word or two, and your companion knows instantly what you are remembering; an entire story compressed into a statement.
Last weekend my husband and I walked against the icy wind as it swept the beach.
"Oba Kaybe," I uttered.
He knew instantly.
He knew my face was numb.
As though I'd been to the dentist.
That I was remembering the Cosby Show.
Sometimes I say, as though to comfort myself, "There's no such disease Dave," and my husband knows instantly.
He knows that I am feeling mortal.
Morbidly mortal.
That I am remembering Stuart McLean telling the story of Dave who, fearing the worst, goes into the back yard and does the only Tai Chi move he knows to distract himself from feelings of morbid mortality. His wife Morley, upon seeing this, calls out the window, "There's no such disease Dave." An inside joke within an inside joke.

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