Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today a ball connected with my nose. My hands flew to my face by instinct.
"I'm sorry Grandma," my grandson quavered.
I think I need a hug," I told him.
"I need a hug too," he sobbed.
"Well, that works out perfectly then." I assured him.
As I gingerly wrinkled my nose, I suddenly recalled a long ago plane ride.
As I returned to my seat from a trip to the washroom, I was puzzled to see my seat mate laughing with her hands to her face.
"What?" I asked. "What's so funny?"
"The pilot came out of the cockpit," she choked.
I stared at her.
"Then you opened the washroom door." she gasped.
"When you closed it, he was standing there with his hands over his nose. He turned around and went back into the cockpit!" She collapsed in mirth.
He never came back out.
He probably spent the rest of the trip wrinkling his nose.
Probably didn't get a hug either.

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