Thursday, February 2, 2012

a heavy load

Wise people check pockets before they do the laundry. Over the years I have washed and dried pens and pencils, nails and screws, coins and five and twenty dollar bills (giving new meaning to the expression, laundered money). I have had to remove Pot O' Gloss from the inside of my dryer, and disintegrated kleenex and shopping lists from the inside of my washer.
At least I haven't accidentally laundered the family pet like my sister, who once washed and spun a rabbit.
Today, I forgot to check my mothers pockets and washed a spool of thread. It unwound and held the entire load hostage, tied in bunchy knots.
I wish washers were equipped with a sensor that would warn of impending doom.
From now on, I resolve to add one piece of laundry at a time, each carefully checked.
At least for the next load.

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