Monday, January 2, 2012

still all there

The longer you keep something, the less likely it is to be thrown away.
This is the principle of the Christmas box, or boxes as the case may be.
Ornaments tend to accumulate over the years.
Dough art pressed and painted by tiny hands, the vintage, the hand made.
Our tree looked much the same for a couple decades.
There were ornaments that just had to be hung or it wasn't Christmas.
Eventually, the crocheted snowflakes eclipsed the rest.
Wooden ornaments have gradually replaced the others.
I kind of like this gradual evolution, this slow change.
The Christmas boxes remain unchanged though.
The loot is still all there.
Like a time capsule.
In fact, there has been an item or two over the years that I put purposely in the Christmas box to keep safe from myself. To keep it safe from those fits of 'clean it up and throw it out.' Somehow, the Christmas box is off limits, sacred.
Perhaps one year I will take it all out and hang it on the tree at once. It'll be lavish and over the top and full of nostalgia.
Sounds like Christmas.

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